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Represented by Carolina Talent Inc.

Myeka A. Johnson

Charlotte, NC

Preferred Name: MJ
Age: 29

Ethnicity: Multi-Racial

Bust: 36
Height: 5’9

Waist: 29
Dress: 6

Hips: 37


Graduate of Millie Lewis Talent Agency, 2009
Advanced Professional Training, Millie Lewis Talent Agency, 2013

Black Pages Magazine, 2009, Greenville, SC

Yumme’ Boutique, 2010, Greenville, SC
The Vertikal Group Inc., 2010, Atlanta, GA

Kurama Magazine, 2010, Atlanta, GA
Pangea’s Garden, 2010-2011, Atlanta, GA

B.A.C. Photography, 2010, Atlanta, GA

Desmond Williams, 2010, Atlanta, GA

Bobby Specialist Media, 2010, Atlanta, GA

HPB Photography & Production LLC, 2010, Atlanta, GA

Image FX Photography, 2010, Atlanta
Photography by Seven, 2010, Atlanta, GA

Smitty’s Photographer, 2010, Atlanta, GA
Kenneth Turner, 2010, Atlanta, GA

Lennie Reid, 2010, Atlanta, GA
Cezar Graphics, 2010, Atlanta, GA

Kenya Durden, 2010, Atlanta, GA
David Evans, 2010, Atlanta, GA

Tyree Spencer, 2010, Atlanta, GA
Kenneth Voth Photography, 2010, Atlanta, GA

David Ferebee, 2010, Atlanta, GA
Ice Photography, 2010, Atlanta, GA

Stan Redfearn, 2010, Atlanta, GA
Pat Jones, 2010, Greenville, SC

Ronnie Ron Photography, 2012, Hiroshima, Japan
Ximena Fashion Consulting, 2013, Anderson, SC

Ashlyn Mae Photography, 2013, Taylors, SC
Billy Graham, 2010;2013 Greenville, SC

Oliver Yu Fotographie, 2015, Greenville, SC
RKBP Productions, 2015, Clemson, SC

Eternal Instants Photography, 2016, Taylors, SC

Allison Photography, 2016, Charlotte, NC

Eternal Instants Photography, 2016, Taylors, SC

Ki Heath Artistry Photography, 2017, Charlotte, NC

Gabe’s, 2017, Charlotte, NC

Malik Rahiem Peay Photography, 2018, Charlotte, NC

Dad Photography, 2018, Charlotte, NC

Advance America, 2018, Spartanburg, SC

Chef Maniqualt’s La Vielle Mansion, 2009, Greenville, SC

Black Party 2009, 2009, Greenville, SC 107.3

Jamz Radio Station Birthday Bash, 2009, Greenville, SC

Dillard’s Department Store, 2009, Greenville, SC

Kia of Greenville, 2015, Greenville, SC (2)
Cook Out, 2015, Greer, SC

Hardees, 2015, Taylors, SC
Mont Blanc, 2015, Clemson, SC

ESPN, 2015, Clemson, SC
MJ’s, 2016, Greenville, SC

QC Works, 2016, Charlotte, NC

An Artist Project by Traci Crump, 2016 Chicago, IL

Pseudonymity by Robert Pioch, 2016 Chicago, IL

Columbia Sportswear, 2017, Charlotte, NC

Jazz in the Gardens, 2010, Miami, FL

Hardee’s, 2013, Greenville, SC
Hyatt, 2013, Greenville, SC

Model Search (Judge), 2013, Simpsonville, SC
Altitude Party 2013, Greenville, SC

The Loom, 2009, Simpsonville, SC

Carolina Bride and Groom, 2010, Simpsonville, SC
Wedding Festival, 2010, Greenville, SC

Wedding Festival, 2013, Greenville, SC
Carolina Bride and Groom, 2013, Simpsonville, SC

Yumme’ Boutique Commercial / Black Entertainment Television (BET), 2010, Greenville, SC

Diamond View Studios/Atlanta Braves, Extra, 2017, Charlotte, NC
It’s Supernatural, Featured Extra, 2017-18, Charlotte, NC
Matthews Productions/Wild Wings, Extra, 2017, Charlotte, NC

Food Lion, Extra, 2017, Charlotte, NC
City of Charlotte, Extra, 2017, Charlotte, NC

Gabe’s, 2017, Charlotte, NC

Circle K, 2018, Charlotte, NC

Panthers, 2018, Charlotte, NC

Pepsi, 2018, Charlotte, NC


9Element, 2010, Anderson, SC

MJ’s Be YOU TV, 2015, Anderson, SC

Special Skills/Interest
Military Veteran; USMC, Author/Writer, Business Owner; Direct Consultants, LLC, Modeling Coach,
Millie Lewis Model of the Year 2013

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