Fear of Waiting

MJ’s Words: Ever look at your life and wonder if you could be further? We all do because we focus too much on where others are instead of focusing on what we need to get to where we want. When we spend too much time on others and their lives. We become distracted by what we want instead of what we need. We begin to feel that we deserve what they have, only because we do NOT have it. It’s like spending money on something that you really do not need, but you felt like you needed because you saw someone else had it. Many things that we are fortunate to have in our lives are there because it is for us and not for someone else. It’s better to wait for what is for you, than to work hard for something that is for someone else. Why do we fear patience? We fear patience because we do not understand why something so natural to us takes others so long to understand. Anything meant for greatness takes time to mold into the perfect shape. What is for us will happen at the right time and for the right people. Our job is to prepare for when it’s our time to shine. Stop trying to change things that you have no control over. Everything happens for a reason. Begin to understand more about your purpose and that it takes time for each part of it to be put together perfectly.

Words of advice: Stay patient for what is for you. Nothing that is for you isn’t set for imperfection but perfect for you. Continue to work hard for your passion.

Fear of Change

MJ’s Words: Has anyone ever asked you to do something that was out of your comfort zone and then you began to cringe? That is fear of doing something unexpected and unfamiliar. Unexpected things happen all the time in everyday life responsibilities. Change is part of growth and growth comes with a lot of responsibilities. Change challenges you and those challenges help you to develop into a better person. Many people are afraid of growth because it deviates them from what they are use to. It’s easier to become use to something that doesn’t require a lot of hard work as change does. Another reason people are afraid of change is because of their fear of loss. Many people are addicted to the people and things in their lives and it keeps them blinded from the things designated for their lives. Distractions are things that keep our eyes, heart, and ears from what is important. They also stop us from seeing how some things in our lives are toxic and are causing setbacks.

Words of advice: Change is healthy. Change is also good. It’s never good to hold on to things in our lives that are not good for us. The best thing to do is to identify and take charge of those toxic things. Do yourself a favor and change for a better you.

Fear and Choices

MJ’s Words: The moment that you find yourself making decisions out of fear, STOP. We all tend to fear because we do not know what to expect in most situations, so we make decisions that will keep our emotions protected. Everything happens for a reason. Every circumstance that we face in life teaches us a new lesson. No matter how hard a circumstance may seem, there is always a lesson to learn. When stuck in a much harder circumstance, most of the decisions that we make are to get us out of the situation or to lighten the load. Once we begin to fear, we develop other emotions that can cause us to make unhealthy decisions.

Developing those other emotions can also cause us to become depended on things that benefit our emotions and temporarily saves us. We tend to fear a lot less when we feel rescued. The pressure becomes a sudden lift off of our shoulders. Many people get comfortable with that, but forget that even though the feeling isn’t as strong, the problem is still there. This can cause us to become stagnant because we are depending on others to move us forward. Instead, trust God. You can start by giving him your problems. Ask him to help you understand why you are going through your current situation. Another important thing is to keep your eyes on the future, your ears open to wisdom, and your heart open to trust what God has for you.

Words of advice: Don’t allow fear to control you and your decisions. We all fear, but we shouldn’t dwell on our feelings, no matter how strong they are. Our feelings change constantly. That is why we should base our choices on what is right. Let go and let God .With God, you shouldn’t fear.