The Enemy (Devil) Uses

MJ’s Words: Many are not aware of how the enemy uses people, thoughts, and circumstances to confuse, offend, and distract us from staying focused and emotionally stable. The enemy will put someone in your life just to be a burden to you. It may be what they say that offends you and hurt your feelings (emotional instability). They may spread rumors, lie on you, or try to sabotage your reputation by slandering your name (confusion). The dominate plan that the devil uses to destroy us is biasedly taunting our circumstances.  For example, you have worked for a company for ten years and it is promotion time. You are in the run for promotion. You are one of the top employees, you have received most of the awards, and you helped your company get to the next level in sales and rapport. One day, your boss ask you to meet him in his office. Excited, you prepare for him to inform you that you are getting promoted, but instead, he tells you that “you are fired.” He informs you that John (your arch rival and an antagonist to you specifically) informed him that you have provided private information to the company’s competition in an effort to later receive a position at their company. Unjustly, your boss fires you without giving you a chance to defend yourself. You now become offended and majorly distracted.

At this point the devil has began a major attack on you in every aspect of your life.

Mentally- start questioning yourself and your abilities

Spiritually- begin questioning God and His word

Emotionally- confusion starts to set in and you are not sure on how to feel

Socially- not sure who to trust anymore

Physically- stress

Environmentally- everything that you are use to is being taken right from under you

Now that you are confused, emotionally unstable, and offended, the devil will begin attacking your thoughts. Remember, that the devil is here to kill, steal, and destroy. His first move is to force you to start questioning yourself and your abilities (insecurity). This will make you start to question your way of thinking (confusion) and distract you from your goals and purpose (thwart your progress). Next, you will begin to question your self-worth (doubt). Once you are at the point of questioning your self-worth, it becomes your decision to choose what you feel your value is. If you leave it out there without establishing it, you will leave it open to be taunted with and misused.

Words of advice: No matter what you have gone through, what you are going through, and what you will go through, the devil will use it to try to destroy you. The devil always begin within the mind, using your thoughts to thwart your progress. Don’t allow the devil to hinder your progress in life. Choose the value of your self-worth by getting to know yourself better.


What is anger?

- a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath.


- a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.


MJ’s WordsEach one of us experience anger. The problem isn’t with experiencing this emotion, but how we express it. Anger can lead us to doing things out of character or saying offensive things to others and even ourselves. Uncontrollable anger isn’t healthy, so the best thing to do it is, first, identify the type of anger you are experiencing. There are three different components of anger and they are:

  • Physical reactions, usually starting with a rush of adrenaline and responses such as an increased heart rate, blood pressure, and tightening muscles; often known as the “fight or flight” response
  • The cognitive experience of anger, or how we perceive and think about what is making us angry. For example, we might think something that happened to us is wrong, unfair, and undeserved.
  • Behavior, or the way we express our anger. There is a wide range of behavior that signals anger. We may look and sound angry, turn red, raise our voices, clam up, slam doors, storm away, or otherwise signal to others that we are angry. We may also state that we are angry and why, ask for a time-out, request an apology, or ask for something to change.

Words of advice: If you are an angry person or you find yourself being angry more than often, the best thing to do is to identify the root of your anger. There may be something from your past that may have frustrated you for a while and that frustration turned into anger. There is a chance that you did not deal with your anger then or you may have, but the thing that once frustrated you appeared again and the cycle repeated itself. Take some time to identify the root of your anger.

MJ’s Final Words- Overwhelmed

MJ’s Words: We live in a world that is fast paced. Everything is at our fingertips and we are addicted to convenience. The moment we take a step back and realize that all of us has a purpose and we realize exactly what that purpose is, the more we convince ourselves of what we actually need to pursue and what we are currently pursuing may not be what we need. We are all, at least, trying to survive.

Words of advice: We work hard to provide, survive, and grow. As you do these things, try to find balance. Become more organized. Focus on time management prior to setting a goal. Take your time. Prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed.