MJ’s Final Words – Confidence

MJ’s Words: If we would take the time to get to know ourselves better and embrace it, we would be much happier. We are so much more than what we give ourselves credit for because we credit ourselves based on the limits others put on us. The more you grow within yourself, you will then stop depending on the things that do not benefit your growth within yourself and God. When we fail, fall, or make mistakes, it doesn’t change who we are. It gives us knowledge on being a better person in retrospect. In life, we all take a few steps back. When you do, take a few steps in remembering who you have become. We all come from a place where we wished we were in another. Your confidence determines how much you appreciate your struggle. Remain confident no matter how far back you go back in life, nor how many times. Remember that an arrow can only launch you forward. Let your confidence be that arrow.

Words of advice: Only YOU choose confidence. Your words, your thoughts, and how you feel about yourself are the root of your growth. ¬†You decide how fast and in what direction that root grows. Don’t deny yourself confidence. Be YOU.

Confidence and Misery

MJ’s Words: Are you surrounded by miserable people or live in an environment that radiates negativity? It hard to find happiness in a miserable environment, let alone confidence. Even though it’s hard at times, never allow it to take away the confidence that you have in yourself to stay content. Hurting people hurt people. Miserable people seek misery. You will never know how happy you can be until you focus on being happy and stay determined to be. Life is full of beautiful moments. The more that we deter from experiencing those moments, the more we take away from being happy and enjoying life.

Words of advice: Unhappiness leads to misery. Misery is a source of depression. Depression is a result of choosing to not be happy during hard times and cruel circumstances. It’s time for you to find your happiness. Happiness is a result of being confident. Confidence is a result of you choosing who you want to be and how you want to feel despite even the less amenable things can seem.

Roots of Confidence

MJ’s Words: Depending solely on anything for¬†confidence is never a good thing, but it’s beneficial to have support while building confidence. Family, colleagues, and friends can help boost your confidence in many ways. Boosting someone’s confidence, especially in children, starts with the simplest things. Listening, conversing, understanding, helping, guiding and supporting are ways to help boost someone’s confidence, along with their ability to build their own self-confidence. Support plays a big part in building the confidence in those you are closes to.

Words of advice: Don’t put others down, lift them. A simple smile, hug, or act of kindness can go a long way. Many times, the simple things mean the most. Be the reason someone decides to put one foot forward.